Here’s My Story

Here’s My Story

I’m Ralph Hawthorne, and you might say I’m a little obsessed with Flight Simulator.

Not just the game, but the entire idea surrounding it.

I started playing in 1982 when Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 was introduced, and that’s what got me hooked.

It’s what drove me to get my pilot’s license in my youth as well.

Evolving with the entire idea of in-home flight simulators was a once in a lifetime experience, but as I grow older, I know that my experience will be wasted if I don’t pass it on.

Our hobbies are the same, so let’s meet on common ground.

The goal of Flight Sim Store is to help you find the best flight simulator gear on the market.

I’m talking about sim yokes, joysticks, mock cockpit setups, and everything in between. We’ll talk about how far the games have come, and where they’re going.

It’s not just a game, but some people don’t understand that. I do.

I want to share with you the best ways to set up a complete cockpit from top to bottom, from gaming rigs to seating, and all the small but important details in between.

It’s time to strap in.